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AI Trading Signal performance







Discover the Ease of AI Trading Signals

Click to enlarge this annotated chart to see exactly what our Signals look like and what they mean.

Trading signals explained





Deep Learning for
Challenging and Evolving


 Unlike other AI products (such as “automated trading bots”) that can be found online, the
technology behind our AI involves extremely sophisticated deep learning neural networks that are
continuously working (24 hours a day) searching for patterns and connections on multiple layers,
and across multiple markets. They are always tweaking and improving models and trading
strategies, which is necessary because the market is changing and evolving all the time. This also
creates the need for full time technicians to assist the AI to learn, adapt and improve with the
changing landscape and provide innovative new data sources for the AI to explore.

Put simply, our AI is actively managed to ensure the best results possible.
We don't trade for you - just give you Daily Signals.


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The Next Generation of
Technical Analysis


The Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals is the result of ongoing research and development to provide
a state-of-the-art, evolving analysis of the crypto, precious metals and other selected markets. The
aim is to identify the optimum time to buy and sell for maximum profit and minimum trading risk
by utilising sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technical analysis.

Even though the AI technical analysis is complicated, the chart representation of the
recommendation is very easy to understand. A new buy or sell signal is displayed as a new green
or red arrow with the date. The recommendation remains in place until a new buy or sell is
generated in the opposite direction.






An Australian Focus for
Australian Clients


We are very proud to offer recommendations based mostly in Australian Dollars for a predominantly
Australian client base. We do also include US dollar and BTC pairs for your convenience, especially if you are actively trading in those pairs.

In a nutshell, we're here for the Australian market. 
If you trade Forex, Metals or Crypto and are looking to take profit in Australian dollars - this is for you.


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2 week money back guarantee